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My Research Highlights

See my Google Scholar page for all publications.

My research covers a range of topics includes mHealth/eHealth, maternal and newborn outcomes, and global health. I developed the Essential Coaching for Every Mother postpartum text message program to improve maternal outcomes in the immediate postpartum period. For my postdoctoral fellowship, I am expanding this intervention to fathers and partners to develop Essential Coaching for Every Partner.

My Research: Text

Essential Coaching for Every Mother


Effectiveness of the ‘Essential Coaching for Every Mother’ postpartum text message program on maternal psychosocial outcomes: A randomized controlled trial

Participant perceptions of Essential Coaching for Every Mother, a Canadian text-message based postpartum program: Process evaluation of a randomized controlled trial

My Research: My Work

Global Health

Image by Tim Bish

Timing of neonatal mortality and severe morbidity during the postnatal period: A systematic review

Exploring maternal postnatal newborn care discharge education in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Barriers, facilitators and opportunities

My Research: My Work

Maternal & Child Health

Image by Edward Cisneros

The role of parity and age of newborn on self-efficacy, social support, postpartum anxiety, and postpartum depression in the first six months postpartum in the Maritime Provinces, Canada

The impact of Helping Babies Survive on neonatal outcomes and health provider skills: A systematic review

Image by Patricia Prudente
My Research: My Work
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