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Headshot of Dr. Justine Dol

Dr. Justine Dol

Postdoctoral Fellow,IWK Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia

My research program is focused on empowering parents.


Through the rigorous processes of evidence synthesis, knowledge generation, and cutting-edge digital health interventions, the objective is clear: to equip parents with the information, support, and confidence they need during the perinatal period, parenting transitions, and in the context of pain management.

Research Areas

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Empowering parents during the perinatal period acknowledges that all parents can experience significant challenges and adjustment needs during the perinatal period, which can impact relationships with their partners, the infant, and families broadly.


In addition to knowledge synthesis and generation, I have designed digital health interventions to improve parenting confidence and reducing anxiety and depression.

Parenting Transitions

Empowering parents throughout the journey of parenthood requires understanding the changing needs. From diaper changes and breastfeeding, to raising toddlers and teenagers, the importance of parenting self-efficacy and family relations continue through the lifespan.

My work in this area is focused on supporting individuals through periods of transition as parents. This includes knowledge synthesis and generation, as well as the use of digital technologies.

Pain Management

Empowering parents in the context of pain management requires the understanding that parents play an essential role in reducing and managing their infant and children’s pain. This can range from helping manage acute painful procedures, such as vaccinations, to chronic conditions, such as headaches.


My work focuses primarily on the parent’s role in managing pain using of eHealth technologies to enhance parent education and improve child outcomes.

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